It’s an interesting question to ask, but the truth is that I didn’t come here on my own.  Studying global development and traveling halfway around the world were never things I thought I would be doing.  Yet here I am, reading about development theories and studying the history of Africa.  Have you yet hit the point in your life when you realized that writing your own story is never going to turn out?  I did about two years ago and that is when I handed my life over to God and said, “Fine. YOU do it.”  I was reluctant at first, terrified of what God might ask me to do and then one day the fear was gone.  There was a realization that God will never call me to something without equipping me to do it.  It is also important to mention that the life God writes for us is always going to be better than the life we write for ourselves.  For me, the greatness of the life to which I am called is not something to be questioned.  Whether I end up working in the Kakuma refugee camp in the middle of Sudan or the World Relief office in Kent, WA, I know that it will be exactly the place God wants me.  There is greatness at every level of work and we are all equipped in different ways.  For now, my place is Musanze, Rwanda.