For you, the world I long to see again:

As I try to study for finals, my mind wanders out of my control.  It is running across the ocean to that world I once called home.  You’re holding onto my heart too tight, Rwanda.  I don’t want to forget you, but at times remembering you is just too hard to bear.

Do you remember the night we sang songs and danced in the living room, introducing pizza and popcorn to a dozen kids?

Do you remember when I was alone in Musanze and the power went out and I sat on the porch listening to the rain pound and watching lightning light up the sky?

I remember your dusty roads that I walked along everyday.

I remember your deep brown eyes staring at my white blonde hair.

Please don’t forget me, Rwanda.  You are still a part of me and I hope that I am still a part of you.  Perhaps we will meet again, that’s what everyone keeps saying.  I hope they are right.  Because when you find that thing that changes your life–that place, that friend, those songs, those words–you don’t just let it go.  It becomes an intrinsic part of who you are and it keeps you in its grasp.  You are in me, Rwanda, and I know that means something.  I wish I could say, “let me forget you, just for a day, so I can study for finals and stop thinking of you,” but that would be too hard.  You are too beautiful to forget, even for a moment.