Upon my return, I asked myself a question.  Do I continue blogging here or do I go back to my old blog?  They’re compartmentalized, you see.  The old blog (www.hollynadine.blogspot.com) is an insight into the past four years of my life.  The end of high school, the start of college, and the lessons I have been learning about faith, friendship and trust.  Then I started this blog as a way of sharing with you about Rwanda.  My journey of how I ended up there, the beautiful stories I was blessed to be a part of while there and the struggle I have begun to face upon my return.  So where do I go now as I begin to share about things like my home full of eleven women, the worship service I coordinate called “group” and the way my heart is being shaped and molded by the things I am studying in this final year of university?

My thoughts are staying right here on this blog because that’s the only thing I can do.  Rwanda is a part of my being now and to try to ignore that is impossible.  Everyday my heart remembers something from the dusty roads and pearly white smiles.  When I study social enterprise, civil society and global health, I am transported back to the other side of the world that I was blessed to call home for ten weeks.  As I coordinate group, the significance of diversity and global Christianity are maximized in my mind and I try very hard to bring those into our worship space.  We are all parts of one body and it is important to remember that as we worship God together.  I am looking at the world through a new lens now and the only place to continue sharing that is right here on this blog.  My thoughts now are intertwined with my Rwandan heart and if you want to continue hearing about it, by all means keep reading this blog.  I just wanted to tell you that this blog will now be less of my musings from Rwanda and more about my journey here in Seattle as I make my way through this final year of university.

Also, this is a final thank you for all of your support before, during and after my trip to Rwanda.  Truly, my journey would have been impossible without all of your love, prayer and support during this time.  Much love to all of you.